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SS 351-God in American History
Is America a Christian Nation? There is much discourse in the public square over this topic. What are the facts? A view of history that proves our American heritage is a Christian heritage. This course shows, based on extensive research, the close relationship between God and the founding and development of our country.



OT 101-Old Testament Survey 1
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Any higher Biblical education is not complete without an Old Testament Survey course. This survey course summarizes the overall contents of the first 17 books of the Old Testament (Genesis-Esther). Many Christians wrongly believe that the Old Testament contains nothing relevant for today. It is almost treated as a separate document that is ignored or treated as a dead history. In truth, the Old Testament points to Jesus Christ. Jesus Himself said that He came not to abolish the OT but to fulfill it. Bible students must know the OT to fully understand the New Testament.

GB 101-Basic Bible Doctrine
Is it time to get "back to the basics"? This course covers important Bible doctrines including the attributes of God, the person and work of Christ, the ministry of the Holy Spirit; and teachings regarding man, Satan, angels, the church, and end time events. Added emphasis on Christian living. No matter how long you've been a Christian, we believe you will learn much from this course. Every believer should have a working understanding of these core doctrines.







OT 203-Book of Ruth
J.Vernon McGee leads this study on the Romance of Redemption. Is there any more memorable statement of faith than Ruth's "..thy people shall be my people, and thy God shall be my God."? This woman of faith lost her husband and came out of the idolatrous land of Moab only to be remarried to Boaz. We have much to learn from this ancestor in the line of Jesus our Lord. Redemption is only posssilbe through a Kinsman-Redeemer. The student will gain a fuller appreciation of our Redeemer - Jesus Christ.

GB 125-The Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit is a divine Person, equal with the Father and with the Son in the Godhead. He is not an "it" nor an undefined "spirit just floating out there". Believers are sealed and indwelt by the Spirit, sanctified with the Spirit, and filled with the Spirit. The student will enjoy this inspiring and balanced look at the attributes and work of the Third Person of the Godhead. Theodore Epp's research is firmly grounded in Biblical truth.



GB 202-Key Words of the Christian Life
A doctrinal word study based on the work of Warren Wiersbe covering such topics as justification, adoption, regeneration, propitiation, imputation, sanctification, reconciliation, redemption, intercession, mediation, predestination, and glorification. This course is designed to deepen the student's walk with Christ.
GB 301-Bible Times and Customs
Knowing Oriental manners and customs is basic to understanding the Bible. This course deals with subjects such as customs at mealtime, education of youth, trades and professions, customs regarding marriage and property, along with many more.


GB 222-Bible and Prayer
A rewarding study about prayer in the life of the believer. Includes 30 aspects of prayer such as: the purpose of prayer, the preparation for prayer, the power of prayer, private prayer, public prayer, and the perfect prayer. Added emphasis from the pen of Dr. R.G. Lee. This course consistently receives high reviews from Patriot students.


GB 105–Humility
“Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time” (1 Peter 5:6). The Lord desires to exalt you! And He will, after your natural pride is replaced with His supernatural humility. In this crucial course, Andrew Murray and others provide great insight from God’s word on the pivotal ingredient of true Christianity.

OT 207-Book of Esther
God’s hand of providence and protection on behalf of His people is evident throughout the Book of Esther, though His name does not appear even once. In this study, J. Vernon McGee helps us understand some of the rich and valuable lessons from this great story.

CC 201-Principles of Spiritual Growth
The aim of this course is to carefully bring out important principles of spiritual growth. The student will learn how to build upon a sound Biblical foundation in Christ. Being filled with the Holy Spirit: What it is, What it is not, What it will do for you, How you may have it. You'll be inspired by this practical study of various aspects of the Christian life by outstanding servants of God, such as Miles Stanford, E.J. Daniels, and others. 

PM 221-Sermon Preparation
Preaching is the proclamation of the Good News of salvation; the very truth of God through man to men. The preacher is separated by God for the specific work of preaching the Gospel. Every message the preacher delivers ought to be stamped with his own personality and expressed in his own way. Take this close examination of expository preaching with emphasis on the preparation, process, and organization needed to prepare effective sermons.



PM 302 Mastering Pastoral Counseling
There is likely no stickier area of pastoral ministry than counseling. Traps abound. Mistakes will be made. The counseling pastor is in great demand today. How can a devoted pastor combine Biblical teaching with the counseling touch? Archibald D. Hart, Gary L. Gulbranson, and Jim Smith combine decades of experience in pastoral counseling to give the student a wealth of godly wisdom. "The counsel of the LORD standeth for ever". (Psalm 33:11).



BL 121-Introduction to Greek Word Studies
Why study Greek? God, in His infinite wisdom, used Alexander the Great to bring the Greek language into popular use. God then used this language with its many nuances of meaning to record the New Testament. The purpose of this course is to show the riches of the Greek New Testament. Each chapter offers a short explanation of key Greek words heightening the meaning of the translated English word. This study will provide spiritual food and help to those who study the Bible. The student will discover richer meaning in Scripture from the Greek language. The course is not designed to teach the Greek language. (Please see our graduate course offerings for the study of Greek.) 

CM 303 Church Management
Faith, Theology, and Calling are assumed necessities for a pastor. However, pastoral effectiveness is often hampered by inferior skills in church management. In this course, pastors Don Cousins, Leith Anderson, and Arthur D. Kruyter share decades of experience - victories and mistakes - that will help the Christian leader who desires to master church management. "And thou shalt teach them ordinances and laws, and shalt shew them the way wherein they must walk, and the work that they must do." Ex 18:20
(Plan A Price $ 29)



CE 111-Character Development
Dr. Bob Jones, Sr. said, "Your character is what God knows you to be; your reputation is what men think you are." Abraham Lincoln put it this way: "Character is like a tree and reputation is like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing." This dynamic study concentrates on the Biblical attributes, attitudes, and actions of a maturing Christian; and how one may obtain them. One of Patriot's best-loved courses.




CE 321-Christ, the Teacher
An analytical study of teaching techniques used by Jesus, including the lecture method, capturing interest, using illustrations and paradoxes, asking questions, commendations and rebukes, and making disciples.

EM 312-Church Missions Program
A missions program is more than individuals going on mission trips and is more than a missions committee. The local church should have a well thought-out, detailed, planned strategy. Liberalism, materialism, humanism, inflation, and worldliness insidiously attempt to invade the local church. Strategy speaks of the planned use of armed strength in the time of war. Ours is a spiritual battle. This scope of study involves specific methodology of the church to aid missionaries and to advance the cause of Christ around the globe. Ready?

NT 101 -- New Testament Survey

Since the entire New Testament is vital to the life of every Christian, it is important to have a bird's eye view of the "lay of the land". New Testament Survey provides a blueprint of the purpose, background and contents of all 27 books. It will prepare and encourage you to take a closer look at the riches found in each of these books.



NT 131-Gospel of Mark
J.Vernon McGee is quoted as saying, "There is probably more content in the first chapter of Mark than any other chapter in the Bible." Mark reveals that in spite of Jesus' busy life, He took time to pray. This verse by verse, chapter by chapter exploration spans Mark's recounting of the prophecies of Isaiah and Malachi through John the Baptist ending with the Resurrection of Jesus. Have you studied this Gospel?



NT 221-Revelation
A captivating study of future events as portrayed in the greatest book of prophecy including the rapture, great tribulation, millennium, Great White Throne Judgment, and the new heaven and earth. This course takes a pre-tribulation and premillennial viewpoint. God promises a special blessing for those who read, hear and treasure the words found in the Book of Revelation. The world has never been closer to these end time events. Are you ready?

NT 316-Colossians
The All-Sufficient Christ by Theodore Epp illuminates the spiritual truths that are packed into the book of Colossians. Often overlooked because it is relatively short, Colossians demonstrates that Christ is all a Believer needs. This course emphasizes not only Biblical doctrine, it refutes false teaching and shows the Christian how to live based on sound doctrine. The student will gain a greater realization of what the Bible means when it says, "Christ in you, the hope of glory" (Col 1.27).

NT 401-Book of Philippians
"For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain" is Paul's fully surrendered statement of faith. Is it yours? Theodore Epp and J. Vernon McGee discuss how Christ is preeminent in all things and how we can see Him as our life, our mind, our goal and our strength. Philippians deals with the philosophy, pattern, prize, and power for Christian living. The Christian will benefit tremendously from this study.

CE 311—Directing Christian Education
This course offers valuable insight from three Christian leaders on how to master the ministry of teaching in today’s church. As you study this material, God will show you ways to be a better teacher and/or director of other teachers in the ministry God has given you.


CS 305-Elijah
"Elias was a man subject to like passions as we are, and he prayed earnestly that it might not rain: and it rained not on the earth by the space of three years and six months", James 5:17. The prophet is studied in his strengths and his weaknesses, his enormous victories and his deep despair, his times of waiting and his moments of glory. Based on the work of F.B. Meyer. 

CS 313-Life of Joseph
Imagine the thoughts of Joseph while at the bottom of the pit, serving as a slave, or residing in jail. "Why Lord? This doesn't reflect the dream you gave me!" But God planned it for good. Even in trying circumstances, he could see God's hand on his life. A practical study tracing the events, circumstances, and results in the life of Joseph. Special emphasis is given to Joseph as a type of Christ.

GB 331-Key Chapters of the Bible
Investigation of 73 selected chapters from the Bible. Each chapter relates to a specific subject that will benefit students of God's Word.



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